Westminster Centre for Resilience

Westminster Centre for Resilience stands proud with its own dedicated website

Westminster Centre for Resilience is a cross-University collaboration aimed at fostering resilience initiatives and integrating research and practice University-wide.

The team at Westminster help people develop a practical understanding of Resilience, human flourishing and organisational well-being. They needed their website to be a source for information for the centre and the range of services including consultancy, online resilience courses, online blended learning and face to face workshops.

Previously the content was housed in a mini site within the main University website. Roundhouse Digital were tasked with creating a brand new stand alone website which could be easily managed by the internal teams. With this in mind, WordPress was introduced as the Content Management System which allowed the admin team to benefit from maximum control of the sites’ content including the ability to make updates and refresh body copy whenever they pleased. The back end also included further fields for keywords and meta data throughout all of the content so the website is fully optimised for search engines.

Having a stand alone site also meant that the centre could benefit from consistent branding online and a vibrant and engaging interface for a more welcoming perspective for all visitors whilst creating clearer navigational paths for individuals such as private clients, NHS and healthcare leaders, HR Managers, CEOs and leadership teams.

Another element incorporated for easier user journeys dependant on the audience was the inclusion of navigation options within the homepage carousel. A homepage carousel was created to highlight three main areas for information; whether it would be to find out about resilience, how it affects you personally or how it affects your team. This meant that the website could address the visitors individual needs and direct them to the right information quickly.