NVM manages over £290m of funds and seek investement opportunities in UK businesses which have the right mix of flair, growth potential and market vision.

The Roundhouse was commissioned to evaluate their brand and the strength of their communications. Key individuals were consulted to gain a common sense of identity and direction. These findings crystallised into key themes around people. NVM wished to promote themselves as engaging, interesting, management-centric, experienced in business, independent and highly personable. We also established the need for a warmer and more direct tone of voice.


One of the first tasks was to make their identity work harder. The NVM letterforms were strengthened and integrated with their flag to make them as one. Colourways were changed from deep red to a black and red blended with magenta. This made them look confident, modern and visible.

Photography in over 10 locations across the UK, at invested companies and NVM’s offices, helped us build a strong visual statement which helped define the NVM personality. This then extended to our approach to the design of their five annual fund reports.

Finally, a new website was created. This fully responsive site has since won the AIC recommendation for financial reporting.