Lancaster University


A consistent brand personality does not need to be repetitive or unexciting. At the most basic level it is about appearing and behaving in a professional manner. The aim for Lancaster University was to deliver a consistent experience across all touchpoints. In this way the University can change perceptions and build its reputation with solid foundations.

After an intensive process of consultation we created both brand personality and comprehensive set of visual guidelines for Lancaster University to deliver consistency and standards across schools and departments. This focussed on use of the identity, colour palettes, typefaces and introduction of stylised graphic elements.

In turn, this work informed the creation of a new website for the University which The Roundhouse designed and built using Terminal 4 (see case study). It also underpinned our approach to Undergraduate and Postgraduate prospectuses. Here we delivered a clear, uncluttered design where information could breathe.

We also produced their 2020 Strategy and Annual Report and Accounts, further expressing the University’s drive and direction.