Mobile first responsive design

Hay & Kilner commissioned The Roundhouse to develop a new responsive design for their website.

To ensure content displayed effectively across different devices a number of different interface tasks were involved in the responsive design phase, ranging from designing mobile friendly navigation across different device sizes, ensuring the size of the typography is balanced with the overall layout at certain sizes, laying out each element on the page and re-arranging in order to create the best flow of content, re-creating graphical elements so that they adapt to different screen sizes, making sure buttons and links have sufficient hit areas and ensuring that all graphical site furniture could be scaled and viewed on high definition / retina resolutions.

User experience and simplifying the user journey

We also considered how we could improve the user experience and create ways of highlighting content, getting to content quicker and even simplifying some of the UI. This included combining multiple forms, creating call to actions that were engaging and informative and restructuring bloated content. For instance 2 forms, a contact form, and a request for call back form were combined to create one form with a call back button. The homepage introduced three simple gateways into the site which focussed on each user case in order to engage audiences quickly.

We also modernised the visuals which would also greatly improve site performance by using CSS techniques where possible, for example, removing shadows, rounded corners and gradients. The site re-design has been well received and appropriately reflects the professionalism and quality the firm is known to deliver.