Eaga Trust

Eaga goes responsive with a bespoke CRM solution

Our initial phase of work with the Eaga Trust was to create a marketing site that allowed prospective members to find out more about the benefits they could be entitled to if they joined. With this in mind we wanted the potential new members to engage quickly with the site.

The next phase involved building a new membership site with a complex bespoke Customer Relationship Management solution powering it.  For the Eaga membership the new responsive site was completely re-designed from scratch and offers an immersive and engaging experience.

User Account Area

The site includes new functionality such as a member dashboard which enables them to see the status of, for example, their holiday home bookings, business funding and skill building funds – a complete snapshot of their membership.

Skill builder

The skill builder area enables members to apply for skills funding up to a set allowance. The user experience and workflow was streamlined to make it simple and efficient to apply for funding. A summary page provides a snapshot of their allowance spending to date and remaining.

Holiday homes

The Trust has responsibility for a portfolio of properties which can be booked by the membership. To ensure maximum occupancy but also a fair playing field for each member in terms of access to booking, there are a number of complex rules and associated logic governing the booking options for each member. This tailored view is served to each member with all the complex calculations running in the background to ensure the visitor experiences a simple, tailored view of their specific booking options across each location and properties.

Hybrid technology

The site was built using a hybrid of technologies and has equipped the Eaga team with tools to manage, for example, holiday home bookings, business and skills funding, health benefits, deals and incentives. The efficiencies through introducing advanced search functionality, reducing email workflow and dependencies on excel spreadsheets has been significant.


“We worked with The Roundhouse for many months, scoping requirements and intricacies for our new website. They were a vibrant, forward-thinking, professional team; really good to work with. There wasn’t anything that couldn’t be overcome and our site was completely tailored to suit our needs. Their thoroughness during scoping paid of, in that our new website launched pretty much seamlessly on live day and runs just how we wanted it to.”

Shirley Batty, Ambassador, the eaga Trust