Primary care digital innovation

The CiiX website and app is a new concept which allows GP’s to directly communicate with consultants. The app allows instant access to, and a search of, a directory to find the required contact details for staff members throughout the Trust. This allows GP’s to forego the lengthy referral system and search by location, consultant or speciality.

In line with the app we developed a website and related administration system. This allows non-mobile users to have the same functionality as the mobile app. The administration system, which was delivered with full training and assisting documentation, was delivered to allow system administrators to keep the contact details and other information up-to-date.

As the app was developed, the functionality was increased to harness the potential of a communications tool that was available to all staff within the Trust. A marketing section was included to allow centrally controlled advertising – allowing for the app to become a commercial product for the Trust, whilst a news section was included so that GP’s and other users could get instant access to the latest happenings within the Trust.

The final addition to the app was a download and patient information module, which allowed GPs to find relevant leaflets and documents for patients and (using Bluetooth technology) print and distribute them.