Chromazone provides large colour imaging outputs for posters, banners, hoarding graphics, event signage and exhibitions. The company felt the need to refresh an outdated image. We created an identity that conveyed what it did immediately and imaginatively. Our solution incorporated a walking man in front of large scale C’s containing abstract patterns and photographs of different cultures from around the globe.

The C became the dominant eye-catching visual element and a frame for ever-changing imagery that reflected Chromazone’s own activities. Travel photography by Nick Pugh provided contrast to the range of graphic patterns. This resulted in letterheads and business cards with 14 different designs on the reverse so that each communication from Chromazone to their customers seemed fresh and unique. The identity was launched with a concertina mailer which mixed this imagery together to create maximum impact.


We went on to create a website that drew a great deal of attention culminating in a prestigious FWA award.