A new brand strategy can signify change and influence and impress differing audiences. It enables them to understand your goals. It helps you to rationalise your products and services and communicate key messages in a coherent manner.

BKW is a leading supplier of process instrumentation in the UK. They embarked on an expansion programme to both factory and offices based in Manchester and asked us to create ideas to bring the building to life.

Their business is based on 3 pillars Рpartnerships, manufacturing and service. We developed bold graphic devices to represent each pillar and these became central to a film that conveyed all working aspects of the company simultaneously on 3 screens in a bright, stylish reception area. A small but powerful values booklet was given to visiting customers to underline their commitment and purpose. Lastly we advised on interior and exterior signage and theming to extend the message, culminating in a new on-line presence.