Developing a visual narrative

The Roundhouse was appointed following a competitive pitch to design a suite of innovative templates using cutting edge HTML5/CSS techniques.

Initial work included workshops, photography exploration and concept development which resulted in an offering of over 15 different routes. Working collaboratively with the client we honed in on a visual narrative and frameworks which would deliver a unique experience for the University’s audiences and a design which was diverse and flexible to suit the extensive range of templates required for both the main website and subsidiary sites.

Context aware responsive design

The templates were designed specifically with the latest responsive technology but also sympathetically to the old code and content of the existing site in order for them to be applied successfully as a re-skin across the thousands of existing pages of content.

The attention to detail throughout the project is evident with examples including homepage designs tailored specifically for international markets i.e. the homepage language, imagery and overall look and feel adapts depending on the location from which the site is viewed (picked up automatically via IP address), and in-depth design consideration for mobile and tablet device usability and navigation, for example, utilising retina images, avoiding pinch and zoom actions etc. Further, The Roundhouse digital team’s expertise in responsive design and development for large content websites was critical to the success of the project.

A modular approach to front end development

The team applied the latest standards to handle complex front end development issues and utilised a bespoke grid system that was modular, scalable and easy to implement once in the hands of the client. This modular approach allowed us to be flexible in offering the client unique ways of highlighting content on different pages. This also created beautiful, engaging pages intended to surprise and delight the user.