Newcastle University POST GRADUATE

Responsive postgraduate site

Newcastle University commissioned The Roundhouse to design and develop a set of responsive templates for the public facing postgraduate site, in response to both mobile and tablet usage increasing significantly on the site.

Collaborative working

Working closely with the client we designed a set of concepts and grid layouts for a range of page types. Our deep experience of working with TerminalFour Content Management System was invaluable to guide the project.

Digital guidelines

As part of the project we also created brand guidelines specifically for the web, covering all relevant page layouts and content components i.e. logos, fonts, graphics, photography, video and navigation. We also established a set of design principles and guidelines for the use of the responsive templates and defined a content model including all page types and content components.


The site has had an extremely positive reception. But beyond this, we have worked closely with the client andĀ helped educate the senior management team of the value of high quality digital communications and garnered buy in and backing for other strategic projects.