It’s about people, not technology

What makes your website stand out? The brand personality, the site architecture, your tone of voice, the type of content, the messaging? The answer is they are all really important when delivering a unique brand experience for your consumers.

It’s about usability

The secret in making your online environment more engaging and different to others is by truly understanding the behaviour of your individual consumers. Objectively reviewing the journey taken through the site and the interactions they have, defines whether a website meets its intended purpose or misses it. In so doing consumers are placed at the heart of the design process which then delivers an intuitive site that is symbiotic to the needs of the audience.

It’s a journey to be made with the client

User testing ensures that your website will function at its best. It builds an open relationship with your client, strengthens trust in the process and offers reassurance that what is being created performs for the target audience.

A broad section of people use websites. They are often a forgotten resource when challenging the site’s design. It’s an aspect of web creation we take very seriously at The Roundhouse, believing all stakeholders have a vital part to play in ensuring a website meets the critical needs of your audience.

It’s about testing again

Recently, when redesigning the website for leading marine insurer North, we carried out a programme of on-site user testing, utilising a pre-launch demo build of the product with a selection of end users from across the organisation.

Despite a strong brief, an extensive discovery phase and our design team being confident they had created a site that delivered the required functionality, the user testing highlighted a number of user journey challenges, which when addressed greatly enhanced the final product.

And that is the reason why The Roundhouse incorporates usability testing as a standard part of our website build: we always underpin interface with fact.