Innovative and professional

A Better Reflection

York St John University is an eleven-acre site on Lord Mayor’s Walk in a stunning setting facing the world-famous York Minster across the city walls. The University has benefited from a £100 million transformation spanning 10 years to ensure the perfect environment in which to study and live.

York St John website on laptop
York St John Homepage

Design In Browser

Roundhouse Digital designed the entire York St John University within the browser. Removing the “mobile, tablet and desktop” design process allowed us to prototype designs that could be tested on any device, screen size and browser and ensured the final product was not an interpretation of a flat design.

York St John University Style Tiles
York St John web page

A Digital Upgrade

York St John required a web presence to showcase the living and learning environment and to elevate them as a University for academic excellence with an ambitious, innovative and professional nature.

York St John website on iPad
York St John about page

A Content Management Platform For Higher Education

Working with technology partner TERMINALFOUR, Roundhouse Digital created a responsive website centred around seamless communication, both from a student’s perspective through the carefully planned information architecture and user friendly design and for the university staff by creating simple editorial processes to assist with content input.

Screenshot of York St John University Website