Shaping the future with a new digital presence

The ultimate university destination

The University of Wollongong is a research-intensive university with an outstanding reputation for its learning environments across a broad range of disciplines. Situated on the south-east coast of Australia, the University of Wollongong is home to breathtaking coastlines, exotic wildlife and spectacular views.

As part of the universities long term goal of modernising and enhancing their digital prescence, Roundhouse Digital were appointed in partnership with TerminalFour to design and develop a distinctive website that projected its strengths and values.

Growth and engagement

We travelled to Wollongong and the surrounding area with the aim of fully understanding the ambitions of the University. Meetings with students, researchers and other key stakeholders contributed to the delivery of a more relevant and personalised website experience.

We optimised page layouts and navigation elements to better connect stakeholders with the content and interaction they need. Our modular approach to the new design gives content creators increased flexibility to craft more personalised page layouts catering for different audiences and their changing needs.

Expressing the UOW personality

The new design evolves the digital presence to support the delivery of UOW’s brand proposition and reflect the quality and modernity of the University. High impact photography adds drama to academic culture and lifestyle. Graphic symbols add movement and depth to the experience with typography and page design creating a contemporary editorial feel. 

Brand consistency

To assist with governing the new digital presence we applied our designs to an additional departmental website with the aim of establishing a single visual identity for all stakeholders across multiple platforms.