A world-class art, faith and heritage visitor destination

Creating Balance

The Auckland Project is a world-class art, faith and heritage visitor destination. Set across a number of unique attractions, The Auckland Project aims to revive the economy of Bishop Auckland, whilst attracting visitors worldwide. The website needed to represent both the mission and destination offering while at the same time providing scalability as the project grows over a number of years.

Showcasing A Diverse Venue Offering

The Auckland Project offers a very special visitor experience across seven venues. From the Auckland Tower to the Spanish Gallery, the venues at The Auckland Project each have their own voice, values and purpose. 

Venues use individual colour palettes to reflect individual character. Image props are used to add personality. The site is set up in a modular and extensible way to accommodate the project as more venues are built and exhibitions rotate.

Personalising The Visitor Experience

A large and diverse range of events and exhibitions are available for visitors to attend. With a number of different audiences The Auckland Project needs to cater for, our objective was to make it as easy and as intuitive as possible for new and returning visitors to find what is on and to book tickets for any given day.

A bespoke itinerary planner was created allowing visitors to personalise their experience when visiting The Auckland Project. Visitors can see at a glance the recommended attractions for a given day and how long they should expect to stay at an attraction before moving on to the next item in their itinerary. The itinerary planner sets a precedent in personalisation creating a connection between user and The Auckland Project.

Capturing A Sense Of Place

Photography was vital in conveying the correct balance between local and international. International stature was portrayed through fine art photography, architecture and setting whilst scenic images of Bishop Auckland and the region helps attract an international audience who may be unfamiliar with the area. People focussed imagery allows the local community to connect with the vision and stories behind The Auckland Project.

An End To End User Journey

Encouraging visitors to book tickets to drive sales was a primary commercial goal. Integration of the online ticket booking system established end-to-end user journeys by allowing potential visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for and book tickets easily and efficiently.