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Website Hosting and Domain Management

  • Amazon Web Service (AWS)
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Enterprise class security
  • Automatic scaling
  • High uptime
  • Content delivery network
  • Load balancing
  • Web optimisation
  • Domains / DNS

At Roundhouse Digital we provide hosting solutions based on our instances of Amazon Webs Services (AWS). AWS operate multiple data centres across the globe serving up content from those local to the User; the advantage being that we reduce the amount of time it takes to serve content to Users worldwide.

However, this can be managed and restricted to ensure that all data is stored on EU data centres only – specifically the nearest for most of our UK clients being located in Ireland.

The availability guarantee for AWS is currently 99.95% uptime. AWS complies to all required regulations – including but not limited to – the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Efficiency; a full list of the 52 various regulations, certifications and frameworks is available on their site. Included within their regulations are strict security protocols, from the way in which their network architecture is built to the ability to run our own security testing on each environment. We can run full vulnerability and penetration testing on your server architecture both (EC2 and RDS instances) and tailor additional security testing to the requirements depending on the sensitivity of the data on your website. Full details on the AWS security provisions and procedures can be found within the security guidelines of the Amazon Website.

In addition to this Roundhouse Digital can advise on the best steps to take to ensure your site is secure as possible, from which data is stored where, which third party systems to use, how to handle transactions or the most efficient use of SSL certificates; whether you host with us or not we can help increase your security and continually test it to make sure it remains at as high a level as required.