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Ecommerce Strategy & Build

  • Business analysis
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Requirements gathering
  • Resource planning
  • Strategy development
  • KPI identification
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Systems analysis
  • Implementation planning

At the outset of each project we get an in depth knowledge of your organisation so that we can best advise on the digital solutions for you.

If you want to trade through your website we can help. Our impact is not just on your digital solution but our review of processes and user journeys means real impact on your bottom line.

Your staff requirements, user expectations, organisation’s strategy and key performance indicators will all be considered to help us shape our recommendations for your project. This will shape the structure of your site and how we display your products. Our analysis of User journeys will not only make it easy for customers to find the products that they want but will give you the opportunity to automatically present up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, meaning an increase in basket size without any additional time spent on the management of your website.

To increase the successful number of transactions we will review and implement a best practice check-out solution, reducing the number of abandoned baskets and maintaining your customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Our team of business analyst and digital marketing experts can also advise on your digital activity away from your site. Our key aim is to increase the amount of relevant traffic – delivering more Users who want to make a purchase, no matter where they are in the world.

Increased customers, increased successful transactions and an increase in basket size – what more could you ask for? We worry about the detail to0 – from handling overseas payments to cyber security, ease of adding products to showcasing your goods in the most attractive, on brand way. In addition to this we will continue to review your performance, with detailed analytic reviews of the performance of your site and other digital activity, enabling us to proactively make recommendations as to future improvements and the next area of investment.

Whether you want to increase efficiency, reduce costs or raise sales and profitability we will measure the performance of the site from our initial conversations and throughout the life of the site to prove the success of the activity we complete.

With modern web tools we can be a lot more proactive than measuring the amount of traffic to a site and instead measure actual business metrics. This enables us to continually introduce new technologies to our clients to keep them ahead of their competitors and responding to the ever-changing demands of a continually changing digital user base.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can help your business, get in touch.