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Content Strategy & Creation

People will always say that, when it comes to websites, “Content is King.” But what does this actually mean?

Content is the main reason people will be interested in your site, the main reason they will stay on your site and the only reason they will return to your site. With the largest SEO budget in the world you can get millions of people to go to your site, but if you don’t have anything interesting to say to those people they will leave, and never return.

At Roundhouse Digital we will help you shape your content strategy and, should it be required, even deliver it. From deciding what to say, who to say it to and when to say it through to how often it needs to be updated, how it rolls in with offline marketing activity and the best types of content to use, there is a huge amount to consider. Our content strategies will help you shape your website’s content and how best to use rich media content (images, videos etc.) as well as user generated content and social media.

Importantly we do not just focus on the What. We consider also the WhoWhyWhen, and How factors too. How your content is produced, by whom and the process that gets a story from being considered to being published on your website and beyond. We are a aware of the limited capacity of marketing teams and that not everybody has budget for an entire social media department, therefore our strategy will help you prioritise content, why it needs to be published at a certain time and it’s expected impact.

In addition to this, we have copywriters and content producers meaning that any content, images, video, animation, music, words, infographics or anything else can be created specifically for the needs of your audience and to the same consistency and high quality of your website.