Creating a financial investment platform

Exemplifying Strength

RJD Partners are an equity investor specialising in buyouts, buy-ins, and development capital deals worth up to £50 million. As a highly supportive investor in the business sector, it was critical that the new website for RJD would exemplify the strong holding the firm has as a model agency for financial investment.

Revised Content Routes

Including a revised infrastructure and features, such as ‘taggable’ content, specifically with news stories, staff profiles, case studies and testimonials, was key to allowing information to be easily found. Additionally, dynamically displaying content in different areas of the site, gave users a number of routes to critical content.

Creating An Approachable Feel

Our sister company, The Roundhouse were also commissioned to create imagery for the main pages, resulting in an approachable look that showcased the agency through the vibrancy of the bustling London streets, and as a focused team through impromptu images within the firm itself.