Engaging with prospective students


3 out of 7 new Users download a personalised prospectus

Best Practice Knowledge Put Into Action

Following a range of HE based projects we found ourselves being asked the same question “how can we better engage with prospective students to increase the number of applications we receive?” Quite a complex question, with a range of time and energy sapping alternatives for Universities to attempt, that was until we came up with a simple, cost efficient and time saving solution which offered great User Experience and a wealth of marketing data which could be utilised by marketing teams within institutions.

A Simple Concept Delivered With Excellence

The personalised prospectus tool enables Universities to upload any of their prospectuses (UG, PG or any other materials in .pdf form) and paramaterise them as they see fit – normally splitting them into sections such as courses/subjects, accommodation, fees & funding, pastoral care etc – the options are limitless. This then enables the User to navigate through a simple selection form, where they leave their details and select the various sections of information which they require. This information then gets pulled into a single document, which is personalised with the Users name and details and shared electronically so they can download their very own copy.

The Benefits To The Prospective Student

Besides getting their very own prospectus (at the touch of a button) the personalised prospectus tool also allows Users to order a full version of the prospectus – should they so wish. The electronic version which they share, can be downloaded to any device meaning it can be accessed on the go – especially useful if they are mid-campus tour, and with it being an electronic version it is easily shareable with parents, friends and other interested parties, either over email or social media.

Benefits To The University

The entire Personalised Prospectus Tool is about 10% of the average print run for a single prospectus, however this is not the largest benefit to using this tool. In addition to the cost efficiencies, the University benefits from gathering a huge range of marketing information on their prospective students – not just their name and contact details but the areas of study they are interested in and information on other relevant areas of the University’s operation. This means they can contact each User with tailored email campaigns – grouping them by subject of interest, or update on accommodation, anything from open days for specific courses to webinars on fees and funding – the possibilities are endless. All of this information and an increased coverage of their prospectus shows why the personalised prospectus tool has become hugely popular with our HE clients.

If you’re interested in how the Personalised Prospectus tool can be used for your University, or how it can be simply adjusted for any sales material/catalogue of any business, please get in touch.