Representing a vibrant city

A fresh approach

Newcastle City Council approached Roundhouse Digital to design a new digital presence, with the aim of transforming a website for the council into a website for the city. Alongside telling the story of Newcastle, a key objective was to make it as easy as possible for residents to transact with the council and inform businesses how to get support, advice and trade in the city.

A sense of identity

As part of the designs, we created a bespoke illustration style to give the council website a unique and recognisable identity. The use of illustration expresses the warmth and variety of Newcastle and reflects the diverse cultures and groups of people that inhabit the city.

Enhancing the user experience

Services and transactional features are prioritised across the designs through the use of colour and iconography to create a more visual and accessible user experience. Modernised page layouts offer greater flexibility to complement content-rich areas of the site.

Engaging with the city

‘City Life News’ is a new addition to the council site that has its own individual presence. The ambition of this is to bring the community together and help visitors find out what is going on in the city through feel good news and events.

Introducing a personal look and feel

Visual consistency was carried through the site on further transactional pages to maintain a softer and more approachable feel. My Neighbourhood provides a personalised website experience, with content tailored to a residents address and improved visualisation of key neighbourhood information. Improving the accessibility and presentation of content through our designs helped the council to achieve one of their key business objectives, channelling customer contact and transactions towards a digital model, and reducing avoidable calls.