Creating colourful impact for Chromazone Imaging

Chromazone provides large colour imaging outputs for hoardings, event signage and exhibitions across a number of leading UK organisations and events. A business used to producing images for clients on a grand scale but unsure how to make themselves stand out is an interesting problem.

We created an identity to feature a walking figure in front of a large scale C. The C then housed travel photography and vibrant graphic patterning to reflect global inspirations and cultural diversity. This worked effectively within Chromazone’s office environment and on key print pieces.

These ideas were extended across their website, where patterns were animated to ambient music as backdrops to information. The site won a prestigious FWA award.

Our business is unusual in that it supplies large format imagery to a huge variety of organisations with varying demands on scale and structure. This was brilliantly reflected in our imaginative identity - vibrant, ever-changing and very confident in both idea and execution.

Nigel VickersDirector