Marketing a leading French fishing brand

Defining the Carp Spirit

Carp Spirit are a leading European recreational Carp fishing brand. As part of the Rapala VMC Corporation, they form one of the world’s largest fishing tackle manufacturers.

In 2015 The Roundhouse were commissioned to develop a new Carp Spirit visual personality to progress the company from its French routes, and become an established European brand. The project entailed the creation of a new look that we applied to over 1,000 pieces of packaging, the development of a 10 language ecommerce website, a 240 page trade catalogue translated in 4 languages, the creation of 25 plus sub brands, and a host of marketing support materials for advertising campaigns and exhibitions. In order to maintain a consistent standard and ensure concise execution, we created an all-encompassing set of brand and marketing guidelines to which all suppliers and resellers adhere too.

The relationship has now developed into a marketing consultancy service, whereby The Roundhouse are helping Carp Spirit strategically launch within the UK market, and expand in several European markets. The development of the ecommerce functionality is enabling customers to purchase product direct, whilst the planning and execution of concise marketing plans is supporting trade sales.

The Roundhouse have been vital to the recent brand developments for Carp Spirit. Changing the emphasis of an established French company with over 1,000 products, to one of European focus, has been monumental. The Roundhouse has managed every project with a highly professional approach and delivered highly effective outcomes that have met our brief and achieved our goals.

Alan YatesCarp Spirit